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WSU, Gonzaga Researchers Look at Software to Detect Cognitive Decline to Assist Senior Living

Spokesman-Review - June 2021
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Smart Home Devices Can Reveal Behaviors Associated With Dementia

IEEE Spectrum - June 2020
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What’s the best way to measure the smarts of AI systems? Researchers are developing an IQ test

GeekWire - December 2019
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Smart home technology increasingly used to help elderly population

Digital Trends - August 2019
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Nurse of the future

Lewiston Tribune - May 2019
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Will we ever have robot carers?

BBC - April 2019
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Meet RAS, the home support robot

NEXST - March 2019
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WSU students create robot to help dementia patients - January 2019
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WSU smart home tests first elder care robot

WSU Insider - January 2019
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Evergreen Editorial: Is Black Mirror Becoming Reality?

Daily Evergreen - January 2019
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Aging in place: Smart-home technology offers a way to extend seniors' independence

The Virginian Pilot - November 2018
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Student developing elder-care robot, achieving dream

WSU Insider - July 2018
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Smart homes could monitor medical issues for elderly

The Institute - June 2018

WSU's system monitors seniors' activities to help them live independently longer

Digital Trends - February 2018

WSU researchers team sensors, clinicians, algorithms for senior care

Exome - October 2017

Tech talk: Virtual rehab, smart sensors, and digital patient engagement

Health Facilities Management - September 2017

How will artificial intelligence help the aging?

Smithsonian - March 2017

Equip your home with the latest smart tech

NEA Member Benefits - November 2016

Living smart with sensor technology

Spokane Journal - September 2016

These researchers are building extra brainy smart homes to monitor aging adults

GeekWire - October 2015

Fact Sheet

The White House Conference on Aging - July 2015
Scholastic SuperScience

Home smart home

Scholastic SuperScience - February 2015

Smart home project records movement, behavior

The Spokesman-Review - December 2014

Using sensor technology to lower elder care costs

Wall Street Journal - August 2014
Cover Magazine

Are smart homes the answer to the long-term care crises?

AARP Magazine - Spring 2014
Live Science

How life will change with smart homes

LiveScience - December 2013
 Spokesman Review

WSU research projects focus on memory problems

The Spokesman-Review - December 2013

Technologies NIBIB-funded researchers are developing with sensors

NIH Science Education - November 2013

WSU study uses sensors to keep seniors living alone safe

KREM - October 2013
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Smart home in a box could capture community behavior

Fierce Smart Grid – August 2013
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NSF grant helps WSU researchers share ‘smart home’ technology around the world

Seattle Business – August 2013
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Aging at Home - Grant helps move research project to marketplace

WSU News – March 2013
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Smart home knows just how you like your breakfast

NewScientist TechSeptember 2009 by MacGregor Campbell(Image: Paul Taylor/The Image Bank/Getty)
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On Watch – Monitoring an owner’s behavior could improve how a house functions

Builder Online – July 2, 2012 by John Caulfield

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‘Smart’ Homes Prevent Illness, Run the Dryer

ABC News – May 2012

Scientific American

A Rosie Future: Jetsons-Like Gadgets with Ambient Intelligence Are Key to Smart Homes and Cities

Scientific American – March 2012
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Better Living through Technology: Smart home technology will allow patients to stay in their homes longer

WSU CEA Innovation – May 2009